Man Group delivers quant fund success

Man Group has reported its Q2 results for 2019 with funds under management (FUM) – assets that the Group manages for investors in fund entities – up 5% to $114.4 billion from US$108.5 billion in 31 December 2018.

Luke Ellis, chief executive officer of Man Group, noted performance in the first half of 2019 was particularly strong in the firm’s quant alternative strategies, which it saw drive a US$5.9 billion increase in FUM and a growth in profits.

“Relative performance and flows were more mixed with outperformance and inflows into our quant alternative strategies and underperformance and outflows from our valuation-biased strategies, with clients continuing to reduce their equity exposure coming into the third quarter,” he said. “We enter the second half of 2019 with good performance fee earning potential with 90% of Man AHL strategies at high water mark and the diversified nature of our business means that we remain well positioned to navigate the current economic environment. We continue to focus on delivering superior risk adjusted performance for our clients and, in doing so, creating long-term value for our shareholders.”


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