Refinitiv puts Tick History data on Google Cloud

Refinitiv has launched its Tick History dataset on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), letting customers access, query and analyse Refinitiv’s extensive archive of pricing and trading data using the machine learning capabilities of Google Cloud’s BigQuery.

The Tick History dataset is Refinitiv’s historical tick data drawn from real-time content. The dataset covers over-the-counter (OTC) and exchange-traded instruments from all asset classes in more than 500 venues dating back to 1996.

The combination of Refinitiv’s managed service database and GCP’s managed compute cluster should allow customers to work across large datasets remotely and in less time than they would typically experience. Customers using the solution are also likely to see a reduced total cost of ownership, as they need less infrastructure spend and storage to maintain and integrate Refinitiv’s Tick History data.

Furthermore, the capabilities of BigQuery will power analytics of the Tick History data, enabling customers to build and back-test trading strategies, perform quantitative research and analysis, and meet regulatory and best execution requirements.

Because the data can be analysed in-situ and does not need to be moved and loaded into an analytics engine, customers can also obtain results in reduced timeframes when compared to what they would typically expect. This expedited delivery of data allows data scientists and quantitative analysts to be more productive as they spend less time preparing and waiting for data delivery, and more time generating valuable insights.

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