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The Science of Investment is a new quarterly publication charting the evolution of asset management from an art into a science. We examine the expression of investment through modelling – from index strategies to fully quantitative strategies – and the impact this change has upon investment returns and costs.

● Readership
Circulation 5,500:
buy-side 60%
sell-side 30%
platforms / tech / data / service providers 10%


● Geography
Europe 30%,
UK 30%,
USA 30%,
APAC 10%

● Focus
Portfolio managers (PMs), Chief Investment Officers (CIOs), data scientists, quantitative analysts and investors, research analysts, data providers, benchmark providers.

● Advertisers
Reach the investment industry as its surfs a wave of change driven by greater transparency, more quantitative performance analysis and the 4thIndustrial Revolution*. From research, to data, to technology to investment benchmarks, asset managers are hungry for resources that will enable them to create the next great investment vehicle, be it in emerging market commodities, high yield credit or blue chip equities.

The Science of Investment captures the zeitgeist, driven by an editorial board focused on the latest and most exciting papers, technologies and use cases in the business.

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