SOI Front CoverWhat is The Science of Investment?
The Science of Investment is a new quarterly publication charting the evolution of asset management from an art into a science. We examine the expression of investment through modelling – from index strategies to fully quantitative strategies – and the impact this change has upon investment returns and costs.

Why now?
Because the business of investment is being transformed. The Science of Investment is breaking new territory with its focus on measurable investment approaches and returns. The rise of big data processing, machine learning-based analysis and increasingly complex factor investment is driving an arms race for passive and active managers to serve the end investor.

Who are we talking to?
We talk to investment managers and academics about the latest modelling of investment solutions, across the US, Europe and Asia. From long-only to alternative investment managers, The Science of Investment captures the latest innovations in benchmarking, quant modelling, data analysis and innovation to support alpha generation across asset classes.

Who are we reaching?
The Science of Investment  is read by the people leading transformation in the investment management industry, from portfolio managers (PMs), chief investment officers (CIOs), data scientists, quantitative analysts and investors, research analysts, data providers and benchmark providers.